viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

Girls and poetry

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This summer, several of our campers at Girls Leadership Institute - ranging from 6th through 9th grades - wrote poetry to express their perspectives and ideas. This is their original work.


Anger, It boils inside you a bubbling inferno,
ready to burst.
Sadness, a rain cloud that pours heavy drops of water
onto your already fragile soul.
Hatred, a spark that lights up your gut when you see what you hate.
Happiness, the sun that lights your day and fills you with glee Just knowing it's there.

- Alaina


In the light of day
I am so very calm Mellow
As apple juice.
When I lie alone In the dark,
My insides Twist And warp
And fold in on themselves
Why do I second guess myself?
And melt my insides together
Like a painting in the rain Lying all alone In the dark?

- Annie


Being a girl is a pretty tough job.
You're expected to be perfect.
You're expected to be proud.
You're expected to be pretty.
You're expected to be kind.
You're expected to be sweet.
You're expected to blank your mind.

Well, what about being smart?
And saving personality?
What about being creative?
What about what makes me me?


The Real Me 

Why don't you see what is inside of me?
When you sit next to me,
only because there are no other seats,
why can't you see how hurt I feel?

Why don't you see me so depressed
that I'm crying on the inside?
Can't you see through my exterior,
the interior, the real me?
 Why isn't my face transparent,
showing you my real feelings?


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Modal verbs. A test.

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